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  • nicks_blog

    The ‘T’ Word, EU referendum, CHIPS and no glass ceiling!

    Since I last wrote quite a lot has happened. First let me start with the The ‘T’ word … You guessed it – I’m referring to the much awaited and sadly missed Triennial Review.  If it wasn’t so significant, the disappearance ...
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What’s new

  • 2 - (L-R) Winner Anne Raw, Area Manager Marie Mickman and Venue Manager Lynn Lowden

    Local Woman Wins Big at Teddy’s in Wakefield

    Lucky Mrs. Anne Raw, a regular morning customer ...
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  • CSH017-146

    Beacon Bingo Introduces ‘Noisy Neighbour’ Party Rooms

    Beacon Bingo has launched ‘Noisy Neighbour’ party rooms ...
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  • ad

    Praesepe Trials TV Advertising for the First Time

    Praesepe Group has been testing the effectiveness of ...
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  • 1. CHIPS charity champions with Praesepe's CEO Nick Harding

    Charity Champions Rewarded in Milton Keynes

    Milton Keynes-based Praesepe Group has honoured three employees ...
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