50p turns into £1,020 for Dundee woman at Cashino Gaming Centre

Cashino customer Anna Dunn made bingo history a few days ago, when she became Cashino Dundee’s biggest ever Bingo Plus winner.

Anna, 71, from Dundee, was taking part in the nationwide game at Cashino’s Adult Gaming Centre on Dundee High Street when she struck it lucky – winning £1,020 after calling on 40 numbers, from a game which usually costs £1 but was at half price, for 50p.

Commenting on her win, Anna said: “I’ve been popping into Cashino for the last 10 years and I really do love it. The staff are great, I’m friendly with a good few other regulars, and nothing beats winning a few quid while having a good time.”

“I was so excited when I won I called my husband Alex who came to pick me up, but only when my game had finished, of course!  Like everyone else, I was delighted when the Bingo Plus game started here, as Cashino Dundee is the only gaming centre in Scotland taking part. You’re playing against thousands of people in lots of venues across the UK, and so being a winner feels a bit like I’d imagine winning the lottery does.”

Bingo Plus is a linked game of bingo played Monday to Sunday, which has been running since 2012. The game is always on, which allows the calling club to dictate when the game starts. By linking with other venues, the players always have the chance of winning the highest prizes. It is played in about 60 gaming centres. Following the Bingo Plus success, Cashino have just launched a new game, £5K Live, where £5000 can be won every day at 12 noon.

James Grant, Cashino Dundee’s venue manager, said: “This was such a great win for the venue, and especially the very fortunate winner! We love it when our regular customers win big and hope we have a lot more wins in the venue in the future.”

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