‘Adult Gaming Centres’ are the technical description now given by the 2005 Gambling Act to town and city centre located slot machine lounges. These businesses cater for a predominantly female audience (typical profile is 45 years old and female) and provide an alternative form of leisure gaming to that which is provided by Licenses Betting Offices.

Typically an AGC operates out of 1000 square feet, in a good secondary pitch on the ‘High street’ and contains around 40 gaming machines. Trading hours vary but in larger conurbations an AGC may be open from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm at night and in smaller towns and shopping areas they will close in line with other retail traders.

According to BACTA (the UK Coin Operated industries trade association) there are around 1000 stand alone AGC businesses, although the total number of licences has risen sharply in 2008 as a result of some operators applying for multiple licences in order to give them the opportunity to operate more of the different types of gaming machines which are available with each issued licence.

Praesepe sees the operation of gaming machines (either on-line or off line) as an important strand of its business strategy and the inclusion of a strong AGC offer as part of its portfolio of gaming businesses is key to this strategy.