Broadcasting live from Milton Keynes

Chris Drake and his team are celebrating the successful launch of the company’s very own internet radio station which is attracting audiences of over 100,000 per month! Jackpot FM, which only went live in December last year, is proving a massive hit with players and an invaluable marketing tool as the company explores new ways to connect with its’ customer base.

With a presenting team comprising Chris Drake, Hannah Armitage, Nathan Moore, Sian Stevens, Steven Bridges and Lia Christodoulou, the content is a mix of music 24 hours a day on auto fade with live broadcasts nine hours a day from the purpose built studio in Milton Keynes. Reflecting on the success of Jackpot FM, Chris Drake admitted: “It has been amazing, much, much better than I could ever have expected! We are getting to know what our audience really love. Request shows are a staple element of our broadcasting and specials such as ‘The Time Tunnel’, where Hannah plays all the number ones from the current week over the last 40 years with associated news items, are also hugely popular.” He added: “Not only is Jackpot FM having a great impact on the business and in particular customer retention, but it’s also great fun to work on! I think there’s huge scope to develop Jackpot FM.”

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