Assistant Manager steps up to the mark at Cashino!

Graeme McFarlane, a local Cashino assistant manager, has been named Praesepe’s “Employee of the Month – July 2017” after he stepped up to the mark and took charge of the Dundee venue where he works on extremely short notice.

Praesepe, a national leisure services group that employs over 1,900 people throughout the UK, operates Beacon Bingo, Cashino, Crystal Casino, Funshine, Jackpot FM and Tan Express. Its Cashino venue in Dundee is located on High Street.

Graeme, 42, who has worked for Cashino for nearly three years, was nominated for the award by Ken Creelman, area manager for Cashino Dundee.

“I’m incredibly surprised to have won the award, as I did what any colleague and friend would do in a time of need,” he said. “That fact I was able to take the pressure of running the club in my stride has a huge amount to do with the rest of the team, who were absolutely great; and is also great testament to the Cashino management style of involving all employees in the operation.”

“In the end my time as emergency manager was thoroughly enjoyable!”

Graeme was joined by colleagues in a surprise ceremony on Wednesday 30th August and Praesepe’s CEO, Nick Harding presented a certificate to mark his hard work and dedication; a special Employee of the Month award; and £250 of high street vouchers.

Ken Creelman, Cashino Dundee’s area manager, said: “Graeme has been absolutely amazing. He surpassed all expectations by taking charge of the High Street venue at short notice and ensured this busy club continued to run very efficiently. He even went as far as covering the manager’s shifts on various occasions when needed and did not ask for any support or expect praise. I was very impressed with his approach and his calm attitude and most importantly his empathy to both the venue manager and the team.”

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