Cashino Burnham-on-Sea donates specialist wheelchair to Bristol Children’s Hospital

Thanks to the joint fundraising efforts of staff and customers at Cashino Burnham-On-Sea, Bristol Children’s Hospital has been presented with a new specialist wheelchair that will be used by palliative children affected with cancer, as service provision limits what these young people can access through the NHS.

Bristol Children’s Hospital provides a service for children living in Bristol and across the South West. Some of these children remain in the hospital, while many stay at home or in hospital accommodation and regularly attend for appointments and treatment.

Cashino, which operates 171 adult gaming centres across the country, is one of the main fundraisers for CHIPS, a charity set up on behalf of the casino and gaming industry, which aims to provide specialised wheelchairs for children with severe mobility problems.

Bristol Children’s Hospital Lead Occupational Therapist, Lisa Mills said; “This donation from CHIPS is fantastic. The chair will be used by parents to help their children leave the hospital and visit home, as well as getting the children out and about once home. It really gives them a lot more independence and comfort.”

“Once the wheelchair is no longer required by a family, it has been designed to be re-issued and re-used by another young person. This means it can be used for many years to come, and help a huge number of families, having a really positive impact on the department and patients. We are, of course, incredibly thankful to Cashino for the donation.”

Cashino Burnham-On-Sea’s venue manager, Pauline Williams, said: “It’s so rewarding to see that our fundraising efforts are going to make such a huge difference to Bristol Children’s Hospital. It’s an amazing hospital run by great people and we are just happy that we can help out.”

Co-founder of the CHIPS charity Linda Lindsay said: “It’s so important for CHIPS that our donors see the results of their hard work. Praesepe have been amazing, and to date have donated £1 million allowing CHIPS to provide more than 170 wheelchairs up and down the country.”

In total, CHIPS has raised over £2 million and presented around 500 wheelchairs to children throughout the UK.

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