Cashino Sutton Coldfield provides wheelchairs to two Kidderminster girls

Thanks to the joint fundraising efforts of customers and staff at Cashino Sutton Coldfield, eight-year old Chanelle Robertson and nine-year old Jaimee Kimberlin have been presented with new wheelchairs that will give them far greater independence and largely enhance the everyday lives of their families.

Cashino, which operates 171 adult gaming centres across the country, is one of the main fundraisers for CHIPS, a charity set up on behalf of the casino and gaming industry, which aims to provide specialised wheelchairs for children with severe mobility problems.

Jaimee and Chanelle both live in Kidderminster with their respective families. Jaimee suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Global Development Delay and visual impairments, while Chanelle suffers from Cerebral Palsy and Spastic Diplegia.

Both Jaimee and Chanelle’s parents were delighted with the donations of the wheelchairs, and were very thankful to Cashino and CHIPS opportunities they have given to their daughters.

Jaimee’s mum, Ella said: “Jaimee is very unsteady on her feet and needs a wheelchair due to her various conditions. At the moment we only have a heavy NHS manual wheelchair, which I have to push around. Jaimee desperately wants more independence, and this wheelchair will really help her to gain a level of independence she’s only ever been able to dream of.”

Chanelle’s mum, Jodie said: “Chanelle currently has a self-propelling wheelchair, but it is over three years old and extremely heavy, which affects her upper body strength and causes a lot of tiredness. A new lightweight manual wheelchair such as the one donated by Cashino will allow her to meet her physiotherapy goals of maintaining independence and staying as active as she possibly can.”

Cashino Sutton Coldfield’s venue manager, Annette Gallier, said: “It’s so rewarding to know that our fundraising efforts are going to make such a huge difference to Jaimee, Chanelle and their family’s lives. They are both such lovely, friendly girls who both thoroughly deserve these wheelchairs.”

Co-founder of the CHIPS charity Linda Lindsay said: “It is so important for CHIPS that our donors see the results of their hard work, and we try to ensure that all the recipients are local to where the funds have been raised. Cashino and parent company Praesepe have been amazing, and to date have donated £820,000 allowing CHIPS to provide more than 150 wheelchairs up and down the country.”

In total, CHIPS has raised more than £2million and presented around 500 wheelchairs to children throughout the UK.

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