CHIPS Charity

CHIPS – Children’s Happiness Involves People

CHIPS was originally founded on behalf of the UK Gaming Industry, in order to raise funds to purchase specialised powered wheelchairs for youngsters with varying disabilities.

CHIPS provides wheelchairs for children who would otherwise have no way of getting around on their own. CHIPS funds the wheelchairs that the NHS cannot, or will not, provide and that the parents cannot afford to buy.

Thanks to the UK Gaming Industry, CHIPS has raised £1,750,000 and has presented over 500 wheelchairs to youngsters.

There are, however, many more children who need our help.

Each powered wheelchair for a child can cost as much as £6,500 and will be custom-made for each youngster according to their needs – even the colour can be at their request.

CHIPS will never offer a powered wheelchair to a youngster unless the funds are “in the bank” and each application has been thoroughly researched.

Cashino & Beacon have helped substantially, donating funds through their own golf days and many varied, and sometimes crazy, fundraising events.

Cashino and Beacon Bingo have so far raised over £1,100,000 and presented over 150 custom built wheelchairs to children up and down the country since they began working with the CHIPS charity in 2005.

CHIPS Charity Fund is established under the Charities Aid Foundation registered charity number 268369.

Truly amazing people, doing truly amazing things to support us.