Customers and Staff at Cashino Romford Present a Customised Powered Wheelchair to Local Girl

Katie Potter, an eleven year old girl from Rainham, has received a new, state-of-the-art, powered wheelchair to help boost her mobility, thanks to the joint fundraising efforts of customers and staff at Cashino adult gaming centre on 92 South Street, Romford.

Katie, who lives with her parents, Jane and Marc suffers from an extremely rare human genetic disorder called Chromosome 15 26.1 deletion, which affects her learning, development and growth.

She currently uses a manual wheelchair but tires easily and often needs assistance with her mobility during school activities.

Katie’s mother, Jane, said: “We are very grateful to Cashino and CHIPS charity for the powered wheelchair and it is going to make a tremendous difference to Katie’s life. Katie finds getting around school very difficult, especially going up stairs, and tires easily so is unable to keep up with her peers and this means she is also restricted on extracurricular activities with her friends.

“This powered wheelchair will provide Katie with the independence she desperately needs and join Katie Potter with mum Jane dad Marc members of the Cashino Romford team area manager Bobby Root (right) and Linda Lindsay of CHIPS (left)in with ball games she loves to play at school.”

Cashino, which operates 155 adult gaming centres across the country, is one of the main fundraisers for CHIPS, a charity set up on behalf of the casino and gaming industry, which aims to provide specialised powered wheelchairs for children with severe mobility problems.

Bobby Root, Cashino area manager, added: “Katie is an extraordinary young girl and is so deserving of this wheelchair. It is absolutely fantastic to see how much happiness it has brought to her and her family, and it makes all the fundraising efforts from all of our staff and customers throughout our estate certainly worth it.”

Co-founder of the CHIPS charity Linda Lindsay said: “It is so important for CHIPS that our donors see the results of their hard work and we try to ensure that all the recipients are local to where the funds have been raised. Cashino have been amazing and to date have donated a massive £ 500,000 allowing CHIPS to provide 98 powered wheelchairs up and down the country.”

To date CHIPS has raised over £1,500,000 and presented over 450 wheelchairs to children throughout the UK.

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