How bingo and low stake gaming are helping the population ‘love later life’

With nearly half of all people aged 75 and over now living alone, the social buzz and welcome delivered by bingo clubs and AGCs are helping Britain’s senior citizens smile, feel socially fulfilled and enhance their chances of living longer.

In 2014, fomer Conservative MP Brian Binley (who is a customer of Beacon Bingo in Northampton) raised cheers from the industry when he suggested that bingo clubs played a more useful role for the elderly than some of the social services provided by the state.

Three years previously, Baroness Rawlings told colleagues in the House of Lords of her support for the bingo sector, not only because of its positive impact on local economies, but also due to the value it adds at a community level.

“Some three million people in Britain play bingo, and bingo clubs very often provide a valuable social amenity. They fulfill an important social function in many communities, especially for older and retired people – older women in particular,” she commented.

Of course, those of us in the bingo and lowstake gaming sector see the outcome of the hospitality and entertainment bingo clubs provide to older clientele day in, day out.

I think that if you look closely at the demographics of afternoon sessions in any bingo club you will find that we are certainly catering to the older age group, where else can a single lady ‘of a certain age’ go for the morning or afternoon, meet her friends, make new friends, have good food and drink at great prices and possibly go home with a handbag full of cash. In the evening the age profile is younger overall, but often you will see three generations of one family on a bingo night out having a ball.

Only last month our club in Ilkeston marked the 92nd birthday of a regular who has been playing every week since the club opened in 1968. We collected Betty in a chauffeur driven stretch limo, presented her with a bouquet of flowers and gave her an extra special VIP experience at a place where she has made so many friends and is part of a warm and welcoming community. So many of our customers are great friends and our staff are proud to call a lot of our regular customers friends as well.

Bingo clubs and AGCs play an important role in the lives of a lot of people, many of who really value the opportunity they offer to meet and make new friendships.

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