I am sure that everyone has certain dates in their mind that they will never forget, e.g. wedding (divorce!), births, Elvis dying etc etc.

Well, the one date that I shan’t be forgetting (in addition to all the aforementioned of course…) is 12th April 2016 as it was the day that we presented our 100th Wheelchair to a super little girl called Faye who suffers from CP. We did this at Portcullis House along with Linda Lindsay of the CHIPs charity and Justin Tomlinson who is Under Secretary of State for Disabled People. Faye was a star and kept us all amused with her (way beyond her years) wit and comments. Since Praesepe was established we have now raised over £500k for CHIPs and this equates to 100 wheelchairs, on which subject I am pleased to note that our fund raising drive for 2016 is going well with all our venue Managers and staff really putting their back into the process and having a lot of fun with their customers at the same time. On June 4th I and twelve of our Milton Keynes team will be attempting to add to the total by doing the ‘Three Peaks Challenge’, feel free to sponsor us at https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/nickharding1 it continues to be a fantastic cause, we presented a wheelchair to a little girl in Birkenhead yesterday and apparently there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Back to business which is all good I am pleased to report. Easter figures from the coast were strong and our High street and Bingo businesses are showing good growth with the odd blip when the thermometer creeps above 25 degrees! I am also delighted to report that yesterday we completed the acquisition of Town and County Ltd a Birmingham based firm who provide all our service and logistics. It is a great fit, the business has been in Paul and John Langham’s family for 38 years and provides pub machines to a significant number of UK Pubcos together with also providing service and logistics to many other UK machine operators. It is a great fit for the Gauselmann Group in the UK and the fact that Paul Langham has agreed to stay on and run the newly formed Merkur Engineering Ltd provides a really strong addition to our team here.

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