Lost World War II Picture Reunited With Owner

A photograph of a soldier from World War II found at Beacon Bingo in Margate has been reunited with its owner following a viral Facebook campaign set up by the venue manager, Graeme Corner.

When the photograph was found and handed in Graeme set out to get it Venue manager Graeme Corner and Eileen Addisback to its rightful owner and successfully did so by launching a campaign on the Margate Beacon Bingo Facebook page.

The campaign went viral overnight, receiving nearly 13,000 views and over 300 shares and Graeme received a message from a gentleman in Folkestone identifying the man in the picture as his step-father who was killed in Burma during WWII.

After an exchange of messages Graeme realised the picture belonged to regular customer, 96-year-old Eileen Addis and the man in the picture was her second husband.

Graeme said: “I knew the picture would be very precious to someone and had my heart set on finding the owner.  I didn’t expect the campaign to reach so many people and it’s thanks to the power of social media I was able to reunite Eileen with the picture of her second husband.

“It was slightly damaged so we reprinted the picture without creases and blemishes and it was with great excitement that I presented Eileen with her original and newly framed copy!”

Graeme continued: “We are very grateful to the number of people that engaged with the campaign to make this story such a happy ending.”

Eileen Addis said: “I love playing bingo at Beacon Bingo in Margate and I’ve made many friends here. This photograph is not only very sentimental but my good luck charm and I take it everywhere with me. I am so grateful to the effort Graeme and his team went to reunite me with it.”

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