Another New Year, and another new Blog

Without wishing to sound too clichéd where did 2013 go? I am clearly getting old as time seems to fly by, or maybe we were all in such a rush, up to our eyes in running the business that the year just seemed to evaporate!

For our commercial business 2013 was tough, snow in January hit our bingo business as our customers understandably decided in the main not to fight their way through snow drifts to go and play bingo and then in July and August the hottest weather for years meant that the only business to be in was selling ice creams. At the same time we waited far too long for changes to our ‘Category C’ gaming machines and even as I write we still don’t have the official sign off to allow us to increase our prizes from £70 to £100. A change that we are sure will be hugely popular with our players and which will also allow the bright young things that design games to come up with lots of new ideas for games and features on our machines. The latest news on this is that the government will allow us to pay bigger prizes on January the 14th, but it ‘ain’t official yet’.

Our staff have, as always, worked hard on our behalf and hopefully made visits by our customers, both at our bingos and our High street venues, an experience. We never forget that we are in the entertainment business and if for some reason any customer feels that that isn’t the case then they must call us on 07812 422175 and we will immediately seek to rectify any problem or simply acknowledge any situation where our customer service wasn’t as good as it should have been.  Equally we do like to hear from customers who want to congratulate staff on great service and we always pass this on to the staff involved.

Here’s to a great 2014!

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