Phil finds his feet in the Sahara

Group Marketing Manager Phil Gibbs raised in excess of £3,000 in sponsorship pledges when he successfully completed a 100km trek across the Sahara in aid of The Responsible Gambling Trust. Phil was one of 21 volunteers from the gambling sector raising money in aid of the charity which encourages responsible gambling and helps treat the small percentage of people who develop problems associated with gambling.

Reviewing his ‘trek’ Phil said: “We walked for five days from the ‘Door of the Desert’ at Achbarou to Anoun El Fraolia, crossing 100 kilometres of dunes and open desert. This was most definitely the biggest physical challenge I have ever undertaken, for which I have got my colleague Praesepe Area Manager Mark Wilson to blame. After climbing Kilimanjaro with the Responsible Gambling Trust last year, Mark challenged me to continue Praesepe’s support by tackling the Sahara and in true Praesepe fashion, I had no option but to accept!”

“One of the hardest issues to come to terms with was the temperature shift which went from 35 degrees during the day to just 5 degrees at night – using a hole in the ground wasn’t that pleasant either and the trick was to ensure you were first up in the morning!”

He added: “Praesepe has a strong social responsibility culture and a magnificent track record of fundraising for a variety of causes, most notably CHIPS. We are also a big supporter of the work undertaken by the Responsible Gambling Trust.”

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