Praesepe Trials TV Advertising for the First Time


Praesepe Group has been testing the effectiveness of TV advertising for the first time. Over a two week period in November, the company has aired a 30 second commercial on ITV London and Carlton to promote playing bingo at its flagship Beacon Bingo club in Cricklewood, North London.

“We are dipping our toe in the water,” explained Praesepe’s marketing manager Phil Gibbs. “TV is a powerful medium that gives us a wider reach than other media – we are looking to see if we can harness that power.

“We know people are always looking for fun, exciting things to do in their leisure time and and so we want to show them how much fun Bingo can be.”

Praesepe is currently evaluating the impact of its trial campaign before deciding whether to extend the campaign or broaden it out to other TV regions.

You can watch the TV advert here

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