The ‘T’ Word, EU referendum, CHIPS and no glass ceiling!

Since I last wrote quite a lot has happened. First let me start with the The ‘T’ word …

You guessed it – I’m referring to the much awaited and sadly missed Triennial Review.  If it wasn’t so significant, the disappearance of the once every three years review of stakes and prizes which the domestic machine manufacturers once predicated their development cycle on, would have comic overtones.  It’s absence is significant and it’s not remotely funny for anyone involved in low stake gaming.  If the government is serious about job creation, serious about wealth creation and serious about helping local economies throughout the country, then it must expedite what would now be a Quadrennial if not a Quinquennial review, (which at least has an alliterative quality).  There is a growing concern about some machine categories on the high street and if the Gambling Commission is minded to make any changes it can only do so via the ‘Triennial’. It is the responsibility of the DCMS to fire the starting pistol on this.

The outcome of the EU referendum has caused a stir in most sectors. As a commercial organisation we did not take a position on June’s referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.  We live in a democracy and I think we should be pleased at the extremely high turnout of 72%.  There’s no doubt that it will take some time for the dust to settle but despite the turbulent nature of domestic politics, the UK remains a great country to invest in.

There seems to be a lot of news coverage of late about Women’s Workplace Equality. I’m very proud of our HR team who have made huge strides to make working for Praesepe a career choice and not just a work choice.  It is very important to me philosophically, and to the business on a practical level, that we provide a structured development path for everyone who is part of the Praesepe family.  Our pledge is to identify, recognise and invest in the very best people working at every level of the business. There are no glass ceilings at Praesepe and we promote exclusively on the basis of merit.  We have a mix of female and male Regional Managers – put simply, if you are good enough and you are determined enough, your career will flourish working here.

CHIPS is part of our DNA – I’m running out of superlatives to describe how proud I am of the quite brilliant work undertaken in support of CHIPS.  What is so fantastic about our relationship with this wonderful charity, that does so much positive work with families less fortunate than ourselves, is that every penny we raise goes directly to the purchase of powered wheelchairs.  No one involved with CHIPS takes any expenses, not even for a cup coffee at a motorway service station en route to presenting a chair to a deserving family!  This is a three way partnership between Praesepe, our customers and our colleagues in the gaming sector.  It is so great to support such a deserving charity and so it’s important that we let our customers know just how much we value their ongoing support.

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