Merkur Cashino - Reopening in England from the 4th July

Merkur Cashino
Please see our handy video to guide you around the venue. The key 10 point plan to keep us all safe is outlined below


1. All venues have been deep cleaned before reopening
2. Upon arrival sanitise stations will be in place
3. Please give way to people leaving the venue to maintain social distancing
4. We are limiting the number of people in our venues at any one time so you may have to queue a few moments
5. If you feel unwell remain at home


6. Our teams will clean all machines and chairs down after each use
7. Machines either side of you will become unavailable to others to maintain social distancing. Some venues will also have partitions to improve social distancing.
8. Please respect the social distancing markers around the venue when waiting for change, using ATMs or toilet facilities.
9. All high touch point areas like door handles and counters are now cleaned continually

Leaving the Venue:

10. Please let us know anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable.


Please remember to be patient and be kind.
We are all working together to keep us all safe

Beacon Bingo


  1. Allow plenty of time for your visit
  2. Please observe directional and floor markers so we can get you into the venue as quickly as possible
  3. All venues are running at around 25-30% of their seating capacity to reduce the overall number people in the venue
  4. At Cricklewood, Northampton and Lowestoft we have created an additional fastrack entrance (Number 2) to minimise the time queuing outside of the building. These will operate at peak times and will be for customers who have their membership card or mobile app card and wish to purchase self-service electronic bingo. All other customers should use the Main Entrance (Number 1)


  1. As you enter the venue you will be asked to sanitise your hands
  2. Have your membership cards handy to scan/swipe in
  3. As a part of the NHS “Track & Trace” ensure your telephone / mobile number is up to date. There are forms to amend your details at reception
  4. If you are a new customer, or require a replacement card, you may be asked to wait in a holding area during busy times so we can continue to keep queues moving. Customers requiring assistance should not use the fastrack entrances (2) but always proceed to Main Entrance (1)
  5. Perspex screens have been fitted at membership desks
  6. If you use the fastrack entrance there are designated machines to top up your account or in some cases manned terminals so we can load credit for you

Purchasing Bingo

  1. Where possible we are asking all customers to load credit onto their electronic account and purchase their books on their tablet when you are seated. We will of course assist and support you doing this.
  2. Book purchases are available at most clubs and a simplified structure will be in place to improve the speed of the transaction
  3. Where possible please pay by card, contactless payments are now up to £45, or have your cash ready. We have ATMs throughout the venue but try and bring cash with you. We have increased cleaning regimes on ATMs and have sanitiser available.

Taking Your Seat

  1. We have a number of seats that can hold up to 2 or 4 people max. If you are in a “bubble” you are more than welcome to sit together. At this time we only ask that we have groups of up to 4 people maximum. This will be reviewed as advice changes.
  2. Some tables have been marked out of action. Please do not tamper with any tables or seats that have been taken out of action. These have been introduced to keep you safe
  3. There are 1 way systems and sanitiser stations provided around the venue.

Playing Slots

  1. Our Slots areas has new screens installed to ensure we keep all our players safe as possible
  2. Our machines and seats will be cleaned regularly, but we also have sanitise stations positioned around the arcade
  3. There will be a limit to the number of people playing in this area and certain machines will be turned off to maintain social distancing.

Food & Drink

  1. We will have a very limited food and drink menu in operation so we can maintain social distancing in our kitchens as well as in our queues
  2. Our menu will be reviewed as we adjust to the new measures with new lines introduced
  3. All Food and Drink will be served by our team with no self-service available
  4. Please use contactless payments where possible


  1. Sanitiser points will be placed near toilet areas.
  2. Where necessary 1 way systems will be introduced to maintain social distancing


  1. Smoking areas will have capacity limits in place. In the event they are full the team will point out alternative places that have been designated smoking points. Please be patient 🙂

Leaving / Exiting

  1. There will be a phased approach to leaving the venue. Please observe main stage announcements as we need to maintain the same standard of social distancing as you leave the venue to what you experienced as you arrived.
  2. We welcome your feedback on what is working well and where you feel we can improve. This is new to us all.

Finally please allow extra time for all you do at the Club. Be respectful and kind to our teams as we all work together to keep us all safe.